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Solar Power Generation & Solutions

Solar Street Light

Solar Water Pump

Solar Power Plant

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Plants

We design and supply turn-key solar plant packages, both on-grid or off-grid, to address needs for Hospitals, Clinics, Schools and larger installations to minimize cost of electricity.

On-Grid Solar Plant

The solar panels and inverter are connected to the grid. The installation saves on the cost of electricity, and in certain regions, and you can sell the surplus electricity generated back to the utility company.

Off-Grid Solar Installation

Suitable for areas that experience frequent power cuts. Electricity generated by the solar panels is stored in batteries, and the inverter with charge controller allows for stored
electricity to operate appliances.

Solar Water Pumps

We also offer solar water pump packages as a unique off-grid solution. These can be used in arable and agricultural lands to minimize the capital cost for power lines and significantly reduces ongoing operational cost for farmers.

Solar Street Lighting

Solar based LED lighting provides a truly environmentally friendly solution for street lighting that is efficient and grid independent. Each light pole can be autonomous with its own solar panel, battery pack and light fixture. Alternatively, street lights can be operated from a centralized solar plant and battery installation. This utilizes existing street lighting infrastructure (cables, poles). For further details, please contact sales@uvenergy.in

Stand Alone External Battery Street Light | 7W – 100W

Street light fixture with specially designed optics to maximize luminous flux, powered by a solar panel and a battery. The System is IP66 rated.

Stand Alone Compact Built-in Battery Street Light | 4W – 15W

Newly introduced street light fixture with build-in compact lithium batteries and light sensor for automatic dusk to dawn operation. The System is IP66 rated.

  • High efficacy LM80 certified LEDs
  • Integrated ambient light sensor for automatic dusk to dawn operation
  • Pressure die cast Aluminum body
  • IP66 rated

Solar LED Lantern

Ideal for camping, and rural areas where electricity is not available.

  • High efficacy LM80 certified LEDs
  • Chargeable through AC mains
  • Options for USB port for mobile phone charging and dimmer
  • Solar panel: 6V / 5Wp
  • Lamp wattage: 3W
  • Battery Capacity: 6V / 4.5Ah SMF

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